Willy van Rooy

Willy van Rooy

WILLY VAN ROOY is an established name in the fashion world. Willy’s iconic and sophisticated style has been revered by fashion connoisseurs and celebrities alike throughout her career as a model and fashion designer. She is what we know to be true inspiration and artistry in fashion and all that is beauty, peace and love.

Willy van Rooy was born in The Hague, Holland, and attended the Academy of Fine Arts Fashion department in Rotterdam. Since her youngest age she has created her own fashion and style away from mainstream currents, making her own clothes and projecting her own personal and unique image.

Admired for her striking personality and beauty she became a top model in London, Paris and NY, working with the best photographers such as Helmut Newton, David Bailey and James Moore, as well as doing runway shows for the most celebrated designers of the time.

YSL sent her a picture in one of his beautiful designs with this text :”To my very very dear Willy, who has so many times given me the impression of the reality of my dreams. With my most tender affection. Yves.”

The natural step was to share her sense of fashion with others, and by the mid-seventies she designed and produced her famous Tunique Unique which took the fashion world by storm and was worn by the most stylish women of the day: Paloma Picasso, Loulou de la Falaise and Diana Vreeland to name a few. It was also in Paris in 1980 that she started designing accessories for Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld.

In 1981 she moved to Spain where she designed and produced her own shoe line WILLY VAN ROOY for 10 years with great success, worn by show business luminaries and socialites alike, from Blondie, Cher and Madonna to the Duchess of York. A forever nomad moving from Spain to LA in the 90 ties where she was the personal designer of Paula Abdul, moved to Canary islands, to Holland , LA making jewelry and now in Madrid where she continues to bring her sense of beauty to everything around her, be it a one-of-a kind accessory or a work of art.

During all that time throughout the years she has been drawing and painting her ideas as drawing is her great passion and here sharing it with you,

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