About RQ Art

I started on Instagram in 2016, my platform very quickly and organically grew. Never knowing what was coming next, or how I would respond to comments maybe is the appeal. Curating posts in my own quirky style has invited many an interesting response from my ever faithful followers and from like minded people. The ability to laugh at oneself is paramount in life I believe. As is evident on my Instagram I adore cinema, architecture, fashion, books…paintings…all of which to me are ‘Art’.

A short while ago I ventured into the art world successfully selling for various artists. The success of this pushed me enthusiastically into my new venture.

So…what is art? Depends on the individual’s personal point of view but essentially it’s a way of ‘presenting’ that appeals to one’s senses and emotions. There are no set rules as to what you should or should not find appealing…. Art is PERSONAL.

RICHARD QUARTLEY ART is THE online platform showcasing a vast, eclectic range of original art, photography, prints, sculpture and books. Initially focusing on the mentioned above, Richard Quartley Art will in the future introduce textiles, ceramics and glass work in addition to exclusive interior pieces to the gallery. Each artist has been personally selected by myself…. their obvious passion and talents translates through each artwork chosen.

On view, and on sale you will see a cross section of pieces from not only internationally recognised artists but from many emerging and evolving artists too.

Richard Quartley.

Richard Quartley