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Future products to be introduced, ceramics, textiles, stained glass and interior pieces

Tom Mullany Ghost Model

Original Art




Christian Lacroix

Featured Artist

‘ I am not nostalgic for the past’… Christian Lacroix.

I am honoured to present a beautiful collection of art created by the ‘living legend’ that is Christian Lacroix.

Synonymous with not only being known as one of THE greatest fashion designers of all time, Christian is also a powerhouse in theatre design which he has now returned to with aplomb.

Christian and I became acquainted ‘virtually’ via IG a few years ago, it is my pleasure to call this gentleman my friend…we share not only many interests but appreciate each others sense of humour too.

Thank you Christian for allowing me to personally select the pieces I’m exhibiting.


Richard Quartley 

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I am Richard Quartley, this is my blog…you are all friends …you just do not know it yet!
What is art…what is considered artistic??
100% of humans are artists in some form…all art and its many forms will be up for discussion.
This blog will take you on a smashtastical journey of learning….covering an eclectic range of subjects arouse your senses and will provoke your thoughts….
Curation will be done by me in my own quirky style…with some special guests included along the way….so please hop on board!
Richard Quartley