Daily Bat Practice

…..and welcome to my new blog post!!!

If we could be superheroes for just one day…imagine….

Who would you be? 

I see myself more as a villain…the Joker maybe…but for my wellness when lockdown is over, I’ll be hitting the gym so I’ll be pumping ‘iron’ and will be Ironman!!

Coming home from school when I was a young whippersnapper I COULDN’T wait to put the tv on and watch Batman…that was in the 80’s…not the 60’s ‘BTW’!!

Who didn’t long for Batman and Catwoman to be an item…imagine if they’d had little superhero kids!! … The excitement, the suspense…..the disappointment!!

As with Batman and Catwoman Cat Noir & Ladybug are a  ‘couple’ that never was…and who will never be…that’s how it works kids!   So….still today, unarguably THE most popular superhero of all time is??……Bruce Wayne’s alter ego BATMAN of course! Reference to ‘bats’ with the virus situation….oh have you had your jab yet?….this association still hasn’t dented his reputation as THE most iconic of crime bustin’ superheroes!   Today I’d like to introduce you to an incredible FINE ART photographer who has joined Richard Quartley Art…..Sebastian Magnani …. WELCOME Sebastian Magnani!

Sebastian Magnani

I met Sebastian’virtually’ on IG about a year ago….Noticing one of his incredible images i asked very politely ( I’m not always polite) if I could post one of his images on my IG. Sebastian Magnani agreed and so our friendship started. Sebastian is a passionate full time photographer based in Zurich, creating amongst other things , the HUGELY popular ‘Daily Bat’ series of images that I’m sure you have all seen? If you haven’t seen…open your peepers and look below or check out on the  Richard Quartley Art website!   “Trapped in his everyday commitment to justice, Bat also needs time between that, even if it’s only for a short time , just to have the feeling of a normal life next to his work, which takes him completely- just to be human”

Bat looking good for an 80 something superhero!   Oh the ‘Bat’ phone is ringing, oh NO it’s not…it’s just an IG notification!! Have a great day all you superheroes! Find Art by Sebastian Magnani