I’d like to kick this blog off by saying a gigantic thanks to you..to my family who have witnessed my phone glued to my hand for 25 hrs each day… yes 25 hrs a day… thanks for your patience… just redeemed myself and narrowly avoided the divorce courts!

A very special mention to all the artists listed below. Without you all.. this wouldn’t have been possible in the first place.

Never one to repeat myself…repeat..repeat myself I’m so envious of all your talents. I said envious…not jealous, jealousy is ugly and so is…oh…I shan’t say. I have to say reluctantly ‘thanks for sharing’ (despise that saying) your stunning work for all to see.

Before I spend 10 hours listing all the artists names… a SOON TO BE published blog post will feature weekly a syndicated piece of writing by me (yes my writing skills are for hire) leading up to a very special event held each year… ??


Special thanks also to…my web team and partners in this venture Naomi and Danny of DLZ Design… only just remembered to thank them…good job I did as they could so easily pull the plug on the server!!!

So thanks…

Oh…how could I forget to thank Molly the most unconditional friend ever…woof!!