Valentine Gilbert

Valentine Gilbert

Valentine Gilbert is a Parisian artist.

She came from a very bourgeois family in the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris and was “educated” amongst the nuns...a strict and restricted universe, where she learned about good and....bad.

At 7, she discovers a hidden John Willie comic her father's closet.....’Gwendoline’ then changes the perception of her a new vision of femininity and its powers show themselves.
She no longer wants to become a nun and no longer fears the call of God or that of the Devil.
Drawing becomes his new tool for freedom and expression.....a natural extension of her freshly unbridled imagination.
She imagines pictures of powerful women....women who don't need anything and demand everything.
Creatures who have nothing to prove, but..everything to experience.
Bringing to life a “New living”....Belles de jour" in an imaginary place.....a place you never see. An elegant and surreal place between Bunuel and a Newton world, where anything can happen..::and where it all happens.
A strange boudoir where the submissives are the ones who lead the game.....domineers are poets....women are "girls".
The girls are Initiators, guides, creators of new pleasures that do not exist...refine pleasures like deliciously painful promises.

Exhibitions :
Exhibition "The House of Lost Daughters and New Nones "
October 2017

"Pin Up" exhibition 2018


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