Shaun Lowndes

Shaun Lowndes is a painter and illustrator working out of Manchester England. He studied Fine Art in Leeds and graduated with Honours in the 1980s and has been producing artwork ever since.

The work sits in two camps, painting and multi media drawings. His work is often completed in ‘series’ and portraying themes and developed by way of detailed planning involving, writing, reading and preparatory drawings.

The world he creates is a strange one, inhabited by a cast of unorthodox characters, where traditional archetypes are often skewed. The work itself asks us questions, sometimes uncomfortable ones and the answers are never truly clear, as the world which we inhabit is challenged and re-represented in Lowndes’ unique pictorial language. So be prepared to be intrigued and astonished by his imagery and left wondering.

In interview he has stated that the work explores thwarted idealism and lost hopes. Often rooted in the 1950s and with a nod to the writing of Richard Yates and John Cheevers et al, the work has a vintage look and echoes of Americana, while touching on British and American figurative art. However when all is said and done it is a world and a style all of its own.

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