John Griswold

John Griswold

Griswold’s works deconstruct the iconography of esoteric emblems and didactic classicism, recombining the fragments in surreal juxtapositions that imply esoteric meaning.

Building an ever-expanding lexicon of symbolic devices appropriated from 17th century emblem books, baroque mythological paintings, and alchemical treatises, his video tableaux serve as the foundation for his paintings, which, in turn, are often captured, dissected and layered back into more source material for the films.

Griswold’s background in art conservation informs his archaic painting techniques. Presented here is an exclusive suite of prints based on the paintings, reproduced in similarly intimate dimensions to those of his small oil-on-panel compositions. Digitally printed by the artist with archival pigment inks on Inkpress Duo-Matte microporous paper, acid- and lignin-free. Each sheet is 10 x 8 inches.

Signed and numbered limited edition series of 200.

Instagram: @liberveritatis YouTube channel: Liberveritatis.

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