Jack Hicks

Jack Hicks

Jack is a painter and draughtsman based in Somerset, England. Born in 1957, he gained a degree in Fine Art at Kingston-upon-Thames Polytechnic in 1980 and has since had a long career as an artist and a teacher of art at various levels.

He draws from direct observation daily, and his sketchbooks are full of highly detailed and analytical observations of constructed and natural landscapes and objects, which form the basis for his practice as a painter.

In his studio in Weston’s Old Town Quarry, he develops the images he has captured in his drawings to create striking paintings which show a variety of approaches and techniques.

Jack’s work reflects his interest in history and the environment, and how it is altered and formed by human activity and natural forces. In exploring these themes, his paintings emerge as dramatic images of change, continuity and the places in-between.

His paintings and drawings have been widely exhibited in venues including the Royal Academy, The Royal West of England Academy, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Battersea Arts Centre, the Bishop’s Palace, Wells, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery and many others.

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