Giancarlo Sanna

Giancarlo Sanna

I was born in 1993 in Cagliari, Italy. From an early age I loved drawing and liked investigating reality and discovering the world through figurative representation and this passion remained constant throughout my entire life.

During the third year of middle school I won an art competition held in commemoration of the headmaster of the school, creating a work that the jury could hardly believe was made by a boy.

I continued to draw during high school even though my style was mainly influenced by urban art:
I used pencils, liquid pens, markers and strong tones representing mostly graffiti, murals and cartoonish characters.

When I finished high school I intended to enroll in a faculty that had a relationship with art, but here in Cagliari there was neither design nor figurative arts and so I decided to enroll in architecture.

At University, I started to experiment new techniques: watercolor, ink, pastels, spray cans, charcoal, colored pencils, graphite bar, acrylics, oils and digital art.
During the first two years of university I noticed a rapid evolution and I started to draw every single day, broadening my knowledge in the field of visual communication. My architecture studies provided a great stimulus and impulse for my art. Around the same time I opened my personal account on Instagram, which is a diary of my artistic exploration over the years.

In 2016 I spent the third academic year in Portugal, in the city of Porto at ESAP institute (Escola Superior Artistica do Porto) thanks to the Erasmus+ program; I chose this university because the Portuguese teaching is very advanced in the field of architectural hand drawing and gives great importance to the relationship between art and architecture.

In 2019 I graduated as MA architect and then passed the state exam for architects and entered the professional register. Shortly after graduating, I began to work as collaborator, tutor and researcher in the architectural design department (DICAAR of the University of Cagliari).

In 2020 I was about to inaugurate my first solo show but it got postponed because of the pandemic state we are living in; the main theme of the exposition is illustrating a walk through the views of my city using different techniques and an evolving style throughout its course representing an interior journey. I strongly hope I will be able to showcase my work soon.

For me life is a continuous exploration and I want to recreate this aspect in my artistic work. Navigating through lines, lights, shadows and colors looking for the destination, intending to arouse emotions, moods not to seek mere beauty for its own sake. Reflection is the premonition of a discovery and the most beautiful discoveries are the ones you dream of and never expected in their actual form.

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