Bone-Waller was born in Somerset, brought up in Cambridge, went to Manchester University (studying drama) and has lived all over London for the last 25 years. He originally came to London to attend LAMDA drama school and for 10 years he worked as a jobbing actor with many in-between jobs. Then came a steady job and he worked as a clown for twelve years. During this time he dabbled with music and writing. He came to art in the last few years. His preferred medium is oil on canvas.

Perhaps because of his background in drama, Bone-Waller has always been drawn by characters, stories, tales and myths. What interests him most is a snap-shot in a narrative: the idea that we are witnessing a moment in some contemporary folk-tale.

Bone-Waller is currently working on a project entitled ‘People is people’. It is a series of paintings in which we see people from various places around the world in an array of situations. Scenes take place in pubs and boudoirs, on beaches and mountains, at fairgrounds and jazz-clubs and many other places besides –  all featuring people (or a person) as the subject. Body language and facial expressions help to tell the story. Finding these people in the middle of a story is what he is trying to show.

‘People live in the present but carry a past. These characters all have decisions to make and a tale to tell. My characters are not heroes or extra-ordinary in any obvious way. They are every day people just trying to enjoy the ride and get through it as best they can.’

Mainly self-taught, Bone-Waller is currently attending the correspondence course at Turps Banana. In 2020 he exhibited six paintings online in the Lockdown Art exhibition at The Arts Depot in North London.(Rich Tea, Mrs Peacock, Mikey and Desmond, Great Portland Street, Blood test, On Highgate Hill).

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