Ariadna Paniagua

“The dress made will never be worn again” is her main rule.

She is a singer in the spanish band ‘Los Punsetes’ and a fashion designer. Making herself one different dress for every single show is the reason why she believes unique pieces in your daily life are the best option.

Her instagram account started in 2016 (@ariadnapunsetes) It is a project where different people wear her shows costumes, standing and looking at front, same static way as she sings in front of the public.

After working for twenty years in the fashion industry as product manager, buyer and designer, in 2018 Ariadna launched her own lolita fashion brand, Suparimpei Lolita.

Starting from the spirit of internal struggle and supported by the presence of karate (Suparimpei is a superior kata of Goju Ruy school) the style is characterized by ornated sobriety. The main piece is the dress but you will also find petticoats and bonetes. Most of the fabrics are plain and the mix of colors unexpected.

Let´s go and fight for our dreams!


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