Femme Blue a la Guitare

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The Musician is one of Lempicka’s genre paintings. It draws on a distinctly traditional theme: allegorical representations of the arts. In this case, music is depicted as a beautiful and elegant, dark-haired woman, absorbed in music-making. Lempicka was deeply influenced by the Renaissance works she saw in the Louvre . But Lempicka’s thoroughly modern, sensual, and fashionable female figure, while comprised of the characteristic generously modeled planes and forms of Cubism, is the main feature of the painting. This contrasts sharply with Cubist compositions in which objects and backgrounds seem to be constantly shifting, with individual components of the overall work of equal importance for the most part. Additionally, the bright blue dress rejects the customary, drab palette of early Cubism.

Each sirigraph are signed and numbered limited editions bearing the crest of the Lempicka Estate and the signature of Tamara’s daughter…Baroness Kizette. Edition of 195.

Size: 39×24”
Provenance: Each comes with certificate of authenticity signed by Baroness Kizette (Tamara’s daughter) each print bears the Lempicka Estate crest.
Shipped from: USA
Quantity: 25
Artist: Tamara de Lempicka